The Mission of Independent Academic Advisors

   To provide honest, objective and informed advice to families and students
   while assisting them through the college search and application process.

   We will strive to facilitate reliable and appropriate educational choices.



There are over 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States. What makes a college a "good" college for any student is more about the fit than about the name and the selectivity.

To find the right fit, there are many factors to consider: geography, size, curriculum, specific academic programs, research opportunities, athletics, faculty accessibility, and finances.

Even though it is easy to research colleges and visit them online, the process can still be overwhelming and confusing. Even though most students have a high school guidance counselor to assist them with the process, sometimes they just need more one-on-one time. As independent counselors, we are available to meet during school hours, evenings, and weekends. We complement the high school counselor's efforts by providing as much one-on-one time as needed and customizing a strategic plan of action.

We help students get organized, stay motivated, and hit deadlines throughout the process. The goal is for the students to present their backgrounds and aspirations in the best possible light and to make sure that their true and authentic character is highlighted.

We strive to help each student gain admission to the best college(s) of his or her choice that will meet his or her academic and personal needs.

The ultimate goal is to have choices at the end of the process.

IAA is proud to list these college acceptances

and congratulate and wish the best of success to our students.


Given the nature of the admissions process and the selectivity of many institutions, IAA cannot guarantee admission to any institution.



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